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Indian Cafeteria is a unique platform where every customer can access all varieties of coffee & tea powders, along with different types of coffee vending machines. We are creating a platform for all customers who are looking  for the best services for individual or commercial purpose. We are proudly announcing that there is no other provider who is delivering as per the customer choice in this segment.

Customer choice  is the precious part in this business area. With this platform we deliver as per the choices of customers by considering different tastes. We are bringing all varieties of Coffee’s & Tea’s from “ Kashmir to Kanyakumari ”.

We integrated authentic taste of ORGANIC – COFFEE & TEA in to the business. We are providing exceptional deals in the form of packages for every customer. In this, the customer who is ordering premix powder of coffee/tea along with vending machine can have an advantage of maintenance on free of cost. We deliver based on the customer needs with different varieties in coffee/tea and many more.